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Barbara Kucharska

In 2012 Barbara Kucharska earned doctorate of Fine Arts degree from Department of Painting University of Arts in Poznan.

In 2008 she received Master of Arts from the Academy of Music, I. J. Paderewski memorial in Poznań, Department of Instruments, specialization – flute. She is also a graduate of undergraduate studies at this university. Previously, she graduated from the State School of Music, F. Chopin memorial in Olsztyn: I degree – in the piano class and II degree – in the flute class.

In 2004 received a diploma of Master of Arts, majoring in painting at the Univercity of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

She works as a lectured at Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, where she conducts classes in Painting. She teaches flute and piano at the Nowowiejski School of Music, and previously at the National School of Music and Conservatory of Music. She also has lectured on knowledge of the fine arts at the Academy of Music in Poznan.

She Performs with the group Missio Musica, Ahava, and other ensembles and musicians.
Her works can be found in private collections at home and abroad.

Through her art she wants to worship God and express His love, which has transformed her life.


Individual exhibitions of paintings:

2006 "The earth is full of grace the Lord" - Gallery of the Theatre Stefan Jaracz in Olsztyn.

2006 "The earth is full of grace the Lord," Betty Cafe, Poznań.

2007 "Do not be afraid to look in eternity" - Gallery ZPAP in Olsztyn.

2007 "Hope" - Town Hall in Olsztyn.

2007 "Christmas Day Afternoon" - Culture Centre"Jubilat" in Poznan.

2008 "Touching Heaven" - Institute of Christian Culture in Olsztyn.

2010 "Music of my soul" - ZPAP Gallery in Olsztyn.

2010 "Rays of Hope" - Betty Caffe, Poznan.

2010 "Look of Love" - Institute of Christian Culture in Olsztyn.

2010 "The Mirror of the soul" - Pastel Cafe & Restaurant, Poznań.

2011 "Symphony of Landscape" - Marriott Hotel, Warsaw.

2011 "The space of the soul" - Piano Bar Gallery, Old Brewery, Poznan.

2012 "Synthesis of landscape" – “Yes” Gallery, Poznan.

2012 "Landscapes of the Spirit" - National Gallery of Art, Sopot.

2012 "Put out into the deep" - Institute of Christian Culture in Olsztyn.

2012 "Landscape of the Spirit" - ZPAP Gallery in Olsztyn.

2012 "Landscape" - “Talent Forge” in Poznan.

2012 "Painting" – Andrzej Legus' Gallery in Olecko.

2012 "Stop" - Artmosfera, Poznan.

2013 "Impressions" - Sweet Surender, Poznan.

2013 "Painting" - Gallery K2, House of Culture in Gołdapia.

2014 "About Love" - Sweet Surender, Poznan.

2014 "Prayer art" - Bristol, United Kingdom.

2014 "Psalms painted with music" - Institute of Christian Culture in Olsztyn.

2014 "Psalms painted with music" - Sweet Surender, Poznan. 

2015 "The melody of landscape" - Gallery "Creature" in Poznan.

2016 "Heavenly landscape" - "Geranium Caffe" in Poznan.

2016 "Beyond the horizon" - "Galeria pod Schodami" in Poznan.

2016 " Hope in the darkest valley" - "Galeria sala 108", Stargardzkie Centrum Kultury.

2017 "The beauty of silence" - Galeria Piano Bar, Stary Browar in Poznan.

2017 Slot Art Festival - Lubiąż.

2017 "Painting", Sweet Surrender, Poznan.

2019 "The postry of landscape", Regional Museum Stęszew.

2019 "Infinity" Gallery Rotunda Collegium Da Vinci in Poznan.

2020 "In the blue of soul", Gallery of One Image, Libraries of the Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz    University in Poznań.



 Group exhibitions of paintings, including:

2000 Exhibition at the Municipal Cultural Centre "Spichlerz" in Olsztyn.

2001 An Exhibition of students of Warmia and Mazury Univercity in Cultural Centre
in Gietrzwałd.

2003 'Exhibition of paintings by students of Professor A.Simińska "in the University Gallery in Olsztyn.

2003 “Another face of vernissage” at the ZPAP Gallery in Olsztyn.

2004 "Diplomas 2004" in the Gallery of Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn.

2006 "Studio 11"at the Municipal Cultural Centre "Spichlerz" in Olsztyn.

2006 ' 60th anniversary of the Association of Vidual Artist inOlsztyn” in ZPAP Gallery
in Olsztyn.

2007 "Music & Art Evenig", Poznan.

2007 "Entery prologue" ZPAP Gallery in Olsztyn.

2008 "ART BK" Slot Art Festival,Art Catehedral Lubiąż.

2008 "Landscapes" exhibition during the National Conference of Women, KZ Poznan.

2008 "Olsztyn Autumn 2008" ZPAP Gallery Olsztyn.

2009 "Exhibition of Olsztyn Regional Association of Polish Artists" - GALLERY UNDER BEAM - Nidzica - Castle.

2009 "Meet change" International Fair Poznań.

2009 VI Biennial of Visual Arts in Olsztyn "for the President's Medal t", BWA Olsztyn.

2010 "Meet the changes" in the “ZG ZPAP Gallery Polish Art Salon" in Warsaw.

2011 VII Biennale of Visual Arts in Olsztyn "for the President's Medal", BWA Olsztyn.

2011 "ZPAP 100 +", Amfiliada Gallery, Olsztyn.

2012 "On the edge", Amfiliada Gallery, Olsztyn.

2013 "Painting" Heart to Heart Gallery, San Francisco.

2013 VIII Biennial of Visual Arts Olsztyn "The medal of the President", BWA Olsztyn.

2016 The art exhibition of Nika Jaworowska – Duchlińska, Barbara Kucharska, Anna Haniszewska, Łukasz Zedlewski – PPHU EKO-PLAST, Słupsk.

2018 "Painting"Gallery Pudreza Art, Poznan.

2019 "Painting" Free Art Gallery, Poznan.